‘Winter’s Heart’ by Andrew James Johnson

Introducing ‘Winter’s Hearts’ by Andrew James Johnson

We were delighted to be invited to the pre-launch of Andrew James Johnson’s new album, ‘Winter’s Heart’ at The Crypt on the Green in London recently. The album officially went on sale on 17th November, and has already received several good reviews.

Andrew previously helped us by performing at The Shard for a large group of corporate delegates earlier this year. It was certainly a night to remember with such an amazing backdrop over London.  Thank you Andrew… and your band.

Andrew is a composer and pianist who grew up in Birmingham, England, and despite having no formal training on the piano in his childhood, showed a precocious fascination with classical music from an early age.

After a chance encounter with a set of records that featured works by Beethoven, Schumann and Choplin, Andrew became completely immersed in what he heard, memorising and playing the music fluently.

After his parents agreed to pay for lessons, Andrew’s eagerness and innate musicality developed rapidly into a passion for piano performance.

Subsequently moving into the composition field, Andrew began to draw upon a combination of classical training and contemporary influences. His compositional style combines rich harmonic language with expansive pianistic techniques, revealing the influence of the Romantic-era composers that so inspired him in his youth.
The album ‘Winter’s Heart’ is a collection of intimate solo piano pieces composed by Andrew James Johnson over the last few years. Drawing on his life experiences and his affinity to nature, Andrew has created a unique and beautiful sound world that reflects his search for truth and meaning.

The natural world is a unique and special environment. It connects with something deep inside of us when we wrap ourselves in its void, like a beautiful isolation that allows our spirit to be free. The piano is my conduit for expressing these feelings and emotions that come from the core of who I am as an artist, as a human. They are the same person... I hope my music will touch listeners and allows them to experience their own tranquil solitude and be lost in the ebb and flow of the unraveling musical textures, much like winter itself...

Watch Andrew’s latest video  – Winter’s Heart

 “Beautiful music”
Classic FM
“Winter’s Heart is a masterpiece in emotionally compelling contemporary classical music!”
Piano & Coffee Co.
“Passionate composition style which Johnson embraces with genuine conviction…”
Stationary Travels
“Prizing intuition and purity, he approaches piano in an uncomplicated instinctive way”
PRS M-Magazine.

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Winter's Heart by Andrew James Johnson

Thank you James. Just in time for Christmas!

Best wishes from our office.

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