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Hello and Welcome!

If this is your first time to LionGate Partners, then hello and welcome!

We’re pleased to launch our latest news page today and plan to feature articles on what matters to us (hopefully you too). Do check back with us as our newsfeed will include relevant industry articles from our corporate partners and associates too.  

Our services are driven by the development & success of our corporate partners and your requests. Corporate listings will periodically change to adapt to market trends.

Who are we? In simple terms, we are introducers acting on the instruction from our corporate clients to help with their funding campaigns. Our goal is to find suitable investors who are able to invest and are self-qualified as a high-net-worth individual or self-certified sophisticated investor.

In order to determine if you are suitable to receive financial/promotional correspondence and/or to invest, please read our declaration forms here.

Our bespoke services page is open to all visitors who wish to participate.

We trust you enjoy your online experience with us.


Damien Dawson

Founder of LionGate Partners

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