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UK Property Investment

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Capital at Risk*

Minimum Investment £25,000


  • Find a site location and secure the land with a 12-month option agreement from the seller (subject to planning permission).
  • 'The Company' applies for pre-application planning with the relevant local council.
  • Once the type of scheme has been agreed in writing by the local council. 'The Company' raises funds for the project.
  • The Land is acquired and the detailed planning application is submitted.
  • Once the full planning permission has been granted, 'The Company' requests a valuation agent e.g. Knight Frank to perform a Gross Development Valuation for the project (GDV).
  • 'The Company' sells the site to a large institutional fund e.g. AIG/Morgan Stanley/Aberdeen Asset Management/Grainger plc. in which case bank credit would not be required.
  • Alternatively, 'The Company' arranges a bank finance as a contingency strategy in case they cannot sell the site in time or wish to keep the asset. (Banks will typically be willing to lend up to 60% of the land value, with the planning permission having been approved).
  • 'The Company' returns initial investor capital plus interest to the investor once the loan note has matured.

This opportunity is ONLY available to certified high net worth individuals and self-certified sophisticated investors. Any potential investor must make their own individual assessment of the merits or otherwise of investment in the company and should take their own advice. This investment may expose an individual to significant risk and risk of losing all property or assets invested. The content of this page has not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

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