Section 21 FSMA Approved Promotions and Non-Promotional Brochures

Every Day – Retail – Restricted Investors

Capital at Risk*

UK Renewable Bond*
High-Tech Waste-To-Energy

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Non Promotional Brochure
Further Details Enclosed!

UK Property Bond*
Luxury Eco Lodge, Spa & Hotel

Eco Resort & Spa
Section 21 Approved FSMA
Further Details Enclosed!

Fixed Interest Plan*
Diversified Industry Portfolio

what we do
Section 21 Approved FSMA
Further Details Enclosed!

Self-Certified Investors

Sophisticated – High Net Worth – Professional – Institutional Investors

Corporations & Family Offices

Ask Us About Our Unlisted Corporate Projects

The funding platform for self-certified investors is currently under development.
Your access will not be enabled until we have launched the new service.
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