How will your business be impacted by Brexit?



This is a pivotal time for UK businesses. As it stands, the UK is set to leave the European Union on 31 October 2019, and a new Prime Minister is expected to take office on 23 July.

LionGate Partners were recently tasked with completing a business poll to offer feedback directly to policymakers across UK Government.

Here’s how you can be heard too…

In this short poll, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) seeks to understand how your business may be impacted by Brexit, what you would advise UK government to do, and whether your trade and investment plans have changed.

The BCC will present your feedback directly to policymakers and ministers across UK Government. Their surveys will give them the evidence they need to influence the policies that impact UK businesses.

The British Chambers of Commerce’s research also receives widespread national and international coverage. See here for their latest reports.

Five minutes of your time will give the British Chambers of Commerce the real-world business input they need to stand up for your interests.

Thank you for getting involved.


Posted by Damien Dawson, July 2019


Credit to: The London Chamber of Commerce and The British Chamber of Commerce

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