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In becoming a client of our firm, you will gain access to a modern and diverse selection of alternative market opportunities and bespoke services on behalf of our corporate partners. 

We are a private placement firm that takes pride in introducing our clients to a wide spectrum of opportunities that are tailored to them; with our focus being on delivering income and capital growth within an enhanced risk management structure and clear exit strategy.

Through partnering with industry leaders, we provide our clients the requisite information to make an informed decision on their particular needs whilst delivering first class service.  

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Through extensive and comprehensive research we aim to produce high yielding subscription programmes and packages to our clients. Acting as an intermediary we deliver a fully vetted programme that offers a unique opportunity to further personal wealth. For further details click below.

corporate clients

To our corporate clients, LionGate Partners acts as a strategic consultancy, a business development agency and a marketing intermediary associate all rolled into one. We help our clients build sales and marketing infrastructures that will be the heartbeat of their business. For further details click below.

what we do

Our members area is restricted to self-certified investors only, but FREE to join. Please complete a self-certified investor form and registration form on our members page to gain access to a diverse range of subscription products through our corporate partners. Our services page is open to everyone.

Our Company

Our market knowledge and understanding of multiple market sectors allows us to embrace a more effective way of leveraging diversification risk, drawing on applied market-metrics to deliver practical, real solutions to our clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering thorough due diligence to ensure that we successfully represent our corporate clients offers whilst always offering a personal service. We are committed to our vision and the principles set out in our mission statement. We identify with them, they shape the way we conduct and talk about our business.

Our Process

Our careful market approach delivers a comprehensive range of sophisticated, integrated stakeholder programmes, working collaboratively with private clients, family offices and of course, with proven expert partners from multiple sectors.


Every client is allocated a personal consultant, their single access point to provide individually tailored packages, professional execution and handle administrative issues.


Clients are given comprehensive disclosure on the opportunities we present all of which have been vetted by our in-house analysts.


We offer a wider range of opportunities and pride ourselves on being able to source credible propositions in wide reaching areas throughout the world’s economy.


Unique access to monthly, quarterly and annual information provided by our global partners.

Our People

LionGate Partner’s story is one of integrity, innovation and relationships, one of in-depth market knowledge and support to aid our clients both in the growth of personal wealth and/or creation of diversification stability. We are committed to delivering first class market opportunities and services to those who put their trust in us.

We ensure we recruit people who have the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and expertise, and are focused on delivering the very best relationship, planning and service to our clients as well as our industry partners.

We reward, empower, train and develop our people to embody and embrace our philosophy and business principles setting us apart from our competitors. Our uncompromising application of our business principles, combined with our unique business practices, enable us to deliver our clients outstanding market opportunities.

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