Alternative Markets ~ Alternative Thinking

Creative solutions for today’s economic environment

Alternative Markets ~ Alternative Thinking

Creative solutions for today’s economic environment


In becoming a client of our firm, you will gain access to a modern and diverse range of alternative market income opportunities and bespoke services that we offer on behalf of our Corporate Partners. 

Our aim is to give you access to a selection of income and capital growth projects within enhanced risk management and compliant structures that have a clear exit strategy. We are a corporate intermediary of products & services and take pride in introducing our private clients to a wide spectrum of investment opportunities that are tailored to them.

Through partnering with multiple industry leaders, we will offer you the requisite information to make an informed decision on each prospectus whilst delivering first class service.  Click the button below to continue.

Some promotional and product information on this website is given by signing the appropriate investor suitability form.

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Our Company

We pride ourselves in delivering thorough due diligence to ensure we have successfully represented our corporate clients offers whilst offering a personal service to our private clients. LionGate Partners are committed in our vision and the principles set out in our mission statement to best serve you.


Our Process

Our careful market approach delivers a comprehensive range of sophisticated income and fixed term products, working collaboratively with private and corporate clients, and of course with multiple partners from different market sectors.


Every client is allocated a personal consultant that will be their single access point to provide a personalised tailored service, professional execution of orders, and to handle administrative issues.


Clients are given comprehensive disclosure on the opportunities we present.


We offer a broad range of opportunities and pride ourselves on being able to source a variety of propositions throughout the world’s economy.


Unique access to monthly, quarterly and annual information provided by our global partners.


Our People

Our service is one of integrity, innovation and relationships to aid our clients both in the growth of personal wealth and the creation of diversified investment stability. We are committed to delivering first-class market opportunities and services to those who put their trust in us.

LionGate Partners focus on delivering the very best relationship, planning and service to our clients as well as our industry partners.

We invest in our team to provide outstanding service. We reward, educate and develop our people to embody and embrace our philosophy and business principles which sets us apart from our competitors. The uncompromising directive of our business principles combined with our business practices enables us to deliver our clients outstanding market opportunities.

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