Private Clients

An intermediary between you and our global partners

In becoming a client of our firm, you will gain access to a carefully selective alternative investment portfolio that have been structured by our corporate partners. 

We will ensure that the opportunities we present to you have been fully vetted and offer a wide spectrum of the alternative market products; with our focus being on delivering both income and capital growth in addition to clear exit strategies.  

We are a private placement firm and view ourselves as our client’s agent, acting for our clients as they would act for themselves if they had the knowledge, experience, and time.   

We strive to carefully quantify your appetite for risk, but perhaps more importantly, your capacity to bear such risk. In turn, we will endeavor to lay each opportunity in a clear and concise manner allowing you to make an educated and informed decision. 

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Corporate Clients

A strategic consultancy, business development agency and a marketing intermediary.

We specialize in assisting new and emerging capital markets specialists go from first revenues to rapid growth and beyond. We also assist established organisations that wish to respond to positive disruption and capital growth potential within their markets with new thinking and precision execution. Bringing opportunity to a wider pool of High Net Worth and Sophisticated private clients.

To our corporate clients, LionGate Partners (LGP) acts as a strategic consultancy, a business development agency and a marketing intermediary associate all rolled into one.

We’ll help you invest to grow and invest to protect, while at the same time bringing your average cost of customer acquisition down. We monitor results and constantly adjust and optimise to make sure your goals are achieved.

corporate clients

Passionate about business

We are passionate about marketing for the Fintech, Alternative Finance, Technology and Traditional Capital Markets sectors.

corporate clients

Growing your business

To grow, organisations need relentless, integrated and cost-effective campaigns that create leads as well as build brand awareness.

corporate clients

We assist with capital raising

When you’ve got traction and on target revenue generation, our focus shifts to helping you become first choice in your sector.

Our Process

Our careful market approach delivers a comprehensive range of sophisticated, integrated stakeholder programmes, working collaboratively with private clients, family offices and of course, with proven expert partners from multiple sectors.


Partner with some of the most respected experts in multiple sectors.


Create growth from your bottom line.


Introduce your company to our personal client network of sophisticated private clients.


To dominate your marketplace.

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